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Company News About QOGRISYS Releases WIFI 7 Network Card Module—O7851PM
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QOGRISYS Releases WIFI 7 Network Card Module—O7851PM

Latest company news about QOGRISYS Releases WIFI 7 Network Card Module—O7851PM

latest company news about QOGRISYS Releases WIFI 7 Network Card Module—O7851PM  0


In today's rapidly advancing technological world, seamless and fast network connectivity has become an indispensable part of our lives. To meet the demands of modern applications for high-speed and stable wireless connections, QOGRISYS is proud to unveil its latest WIFI 7 network card module—O7851PM. This marks a pinnacle technological achievement for O-Film Technologies in the field of wireless communication. From WiFi 4, WiFi 5, and WiFi 6 to the newly launched WiFi 7 QOGRISYS has consistently been at the forefront of technological trends, striving to provide users with exceptional wireless experiences and ushering in a new era of wireless communication technology.


latest company news about QOGRISYS Releases WIFI 7 Network Card Module—O7851PM  1

The O7851PM is designed based on the Qualcomm QCN7851 chip, utilizing an M.2 PCIe interface with dimensions of 22302.7mm. It achieves a transmission rate of up to 5.8Gbps and supports advanced WIFI7 technologies such as 4096QAM, 320MHz bandwidth, Multi-RU mechanism, Multi-LINK multi-link mechanism, CMU-MIMO support, and collaborative debugging for multiple APs. This WIFI7 network card module boasts extremely low latency (less than 2ms) and powerful functionality.


latest company news about QOGRISYS Releases WIFI 7 Network Card Module—O7851PM  2

Ultra-Low Latency: Bid farewell to frustrating lag and delays! The O7851PM module offers ultra-low latency (less than 2ms), making it ideal for latency-sensitive applications such as online gaming, virtual reality, and video conferencing, enabling an unprecedented seamless interactive and real-time response experience.


Impressive Speed: The O7851PM, with its remarkable 5.8Gbps speed, redefines the limits of wireless data transmission! Whether you're enjoying high-definition videos, downloading large files, or engaging in real-time gaming, this module ensures a smooth and sustained connection.


Advanced WIFI 7 Technology: The O7851PM network card module incorporates advanced WIFI 7 technology, including 320MHz bandwidth, Multi-RU mechanism, 4096-QAM modulation technology, Multi-Link multi-link mechanism, CMU-MIMO, and collaborative scheduling for multiple APs. This integration provides significant advantages in spectrum utilization, data transfer rates, connection stability, and collaborative scheduling for multiple APs. By fully leveraging features like multiple RU, high-order QAM modulation, and multi-link transmission, the module offers more flexible spectrum scheduling and a faster, more stable connection experience. Additionally, robust MIMO functionality and collaborative scheduling for multiple APs effectively reduce interference, further enhancing the efficiency of air interface resource utilization and providing users with outstanding wireless connectivity performance.


Enhanced Security: In applications, security is a top priority, and the O7851PM module effectively addresses this concern. It incorporates advanced security features, including the WPA3 encryption protocol and secure boot mechanism, to protect sensitive data and guard against unauthorized access.


Connectivity: The O7851PM WIFI 7 network card module offers various deployment options to meet diverse application requirements. It supports simultaneous operation in the 2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz frequency bands, efficiently utilizing available spectrum. Furthermore, its M.2 interface allows easy integration into various application devices, such as embedded systems, gateways, routers, and industrial PCs, making it a versatile solution for different applications.


In this era of rapidly advancing technology, we at QOGRISYS Technologies proudly introduce the O7851PM WIFI 7 network card module, offering users a true technological leap forward. This innovative WIFI 7 network card module, with its outstanding performance, low latency, high security, and flexible deployment options, propels wireless connectivity to unprecedented heights! Choosing QOGRISYS Technologies means choosing leading wireless connectivity technology!