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We focus on WiFi BT Module, USB WiFi Module, SDIO WiFi Module, PCIe WiFi Module products and so on

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China Shenzhen Ofeixin Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Ofeixin Technology Co., Ltd

SHENZHEN OFEIXIN TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. founded in 2014, with office located in Shenzhen China, and factory located at Liuyang Town ChangSha City, HuNan Province,covering an area of 39,000㎡,is one of the earliest and most proficient manufacturing enterprises which integrate R&D, production and sales as a whole in the field of high-speed wireless network. SHENZHEN OFEIXIN TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to providing customers with perfect IOT connection solutions.With many years of experience that we have accumulated and industry markets. We have from the Lan broadband connection to Wan cellular communications and depth of integrating quality support resources in industry, to provide customers with a full range of excellent service. SHENZHEN OFEIXIN TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. major products include: ...

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