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Company News About Wi-Fi HaLow: Reshaping the Future of IoT
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Wi-Fi HaLow: Reshaping the Future of IoT

Latest company news about Wi-Fi HaLow: Reshaping the Future of IoT

Wi-Fi HaLow: Leading the Revolution of IoT Connectivity


The flourishing development of the digital age is sparking a profound transformation, with the Internet of Things (IoT) seamlessly integrating into our daily lives and work, becoming an indispensable part. With the emergence of the new generation Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi HaLow, there is anticipation that it will redefine the IoT ecosystem in 2024 and beyond. Wi-Fi HaLow, defined by the IEEE 802.11ah standard and certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, is poised to meet the new demands of today's smart wireless devices by providing long-range, low-power connections, thus becoming a key driver of transformative change in IoT applications.


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Wi-Fi HaLow Application:


Smart home field:


The smart home technology has always been a focal point of innovation, and with the advent of Wi-Fi HaLow, this field is undergoing revolutionary changes. Homeowners increasingly reliant on smart technology have begun to encounter limitations with existing Wi-Fi solutions, including limited range, inconsistent connections, and high power consumption. Wi-Fi HaLow addresses these challenges by offering extensive coverage (1km+), robust connections, and lower power consumption.


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Logistics/Warehousing Field:


In the logistics and warehousing sector, operational efficiency is crucial. Wi-Fi HaLow offers seamless communication up to 1 kilometer, supporting wireless sensor networks and other IoT devices, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime. Transportation and logistics services can rely on the reliability of Wi-Fi HaLow to ensure smooth exchange of data within the supply chain, which is particularly important for cargo monitoring and fleet management.


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Smart City:


Wi-Fi HaLow is becoming the cornerstone of rapidly evolving smart city landscapes. By facilitating complex interactions between security systems, environmental controls, and occupancy sensors, it enables reliable, secure, and remote wireless networks, thereby enhancing urban living. Municipalities can utilize Wi-Fi HaLow to connect transportation systems, public safety networks, and utility monitoring, creating a responsive, data-driven urban environment, thus strengthening city management and resident services.


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The application of Wi-Fi HaLow in areas such as smart homes, logistics/warehousing, and smart cities will overcome the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi solutions. In the future, with the widespread adoption of Wi-Fi HaLow, we can anticipate an enhancement in the level of smartness, bringing greater convenience and efficiency to people's lives.


The embodiment of Wi-Fi HaLow technology: 4108E-S module


In order to further promote the adoption and application of Wi-Fi HaLow technology, Ofeixin has developed a new generation Wi-Fi HaLow module, the 4108E-S, based on the IEEE 802.11ah standard. The introduction of this innovative module will provide strong support for the implementation of Wi-Fi HaLow technology, accelerating its application and adoption in various fields.


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Module notable features:


Smaller size: With dimensions of 13.0 x 13.0 x 2.1mm, it meets the demand for compact modules in end products, reducing the volume and deployment costs of customer products accordingly.

More interfaces: The module supports a variety of peripheral interfaces, including SDIO 2.0 interface and SPI mode operation, while also providing general-purpose I2C interface, UART interface, GPIO interface, and other peripherals, providing users with greater flexibility to easily integrate into different applications.

Enhanced security: The 4108E-S module provides multi-layered security features, including encryption (AES), hash algorithms (SHA-1/SHA-2), protected management frames (PMF), and Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE), ensuring confidentiality and integrity of wireless communication.

Lower power consumption: Operating in the 902 – 928MHz frequency band, supporting selectable 1/2/4/8MHz channel bandwidths, accommodating data throughput from 3.333 Mbps to 32.5 Mbps. This enables devices to operate for long periods in low-power modes, greatly reducing the need for charging or battery replacement.

Longer range: Operating in the Sub-1GHz frequency band, it has excellent penetration, effectively reducing signal interference and achieving extensive coverage over long distances. The module can reliably connect IoT devices within a one-kilometer range, even exceeding traditional Wi-Fi coverage by several times.


Layout of the present, outlook for the future:


By adopting Wi-Fi HaLow, stakeholders can seize countless opportunities by breaking through limitations in coverage, energy efficiency, and security. Wi-Fi HaLow is not just a means of connection; it is also a catalyst for digital transformation, with applications extending across the entire IoT ecosystem, from consumer to commercial to industrial domains. The widespread adoption of Wi-Fi HaLow marks a leap forward for the IoT, enabling billions of IoT devices to seamlessly connect, communicate, and collaborate.

As we move into 2024 and beyond, the continued development of the IoT reminds us of the vital importance of connectivity in all aspects of our lives, offering unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and mobility. In this ever-evolving wireless environment, Wi-Fi HaLow stands out as the ideal protocol for the IoT, with its long-range, low-power characteristics poised to unleash the full potential of interconnected technology.


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