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Company News About What is Wi-Fi HaLow?
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What is Wi-Fi HaLow?

Latest company news about What is Wi-Fi HaLow?

Background of Wi-Fi HaLow:


In the past decade, Wi-Fi technology has been widely deployed in homes and enterprises, connecting billions of smart devices and facilitating rapid information transfer. However, current Wi-Fi standards face some challenges, including limitations in protocol range and overall functionality, resulting in difficulties in long-range communication and restricting the potential for smart devices to form a truly interconnected ecosystem. To meet the needs of low-power IoT clients and accelerate innovation in IoT applications, Wi-Fi HaLow technology based on the IEEE 802.11ah standard has emerged.


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Wi-Fi HaLow Applications:


Wi-Fi HaLow technology is rapidly transforming the landscape across multiple domains, from enterprise networks to smart homes, and even to smart cities. Its outstanding connectivity and performance characteristics make it an ideal choice for various application scenarios.


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In the domain of enterprise networks, Wi-Fi HaLow technology delivers excellent connectivity for IoT environments. Compared to traditional Wi-Fi, it offers broader coverage, greater capacity, and is suitable for requirements such as building access, management systems, and security cameras, ensuring long battery life, extensive coverage, and robust security.


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In the realm of industrial automation, Wi-Fi HaLow technology overcomes physical barriers, providing unparalleled coverage and device support for industrial environments. Application scenarios encompass industrial automation, warehouse management, and transportation logistics, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.


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In the domain of infrastructure solutions, the expansive range and ability to support a large number of IoT devices are standout features of Wi-Fi HaLow technology. It meets the demands for network expansion, mesh networking, remote connectivity, and rural network enhancement, while ensuring robust security.


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In the context of smart cities, Wi-Fi HaLow technology offers expanded connectivity, efficiency, and security. Each access point can support a large number of IoT devices, optimizing aspects such as long-range connectivity, energy efficiency, and urban infrastructure services.


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In the realm of smart homes, Wi-Fi HaLow technology enhances connectivity through its extended range, superior penetration capability, and low power consumption. It is particularly suitable for applications such as security cameras, home gateways, and automation, providing convenience and security for large properties.


Wi-Fi HaLow Product:


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Corresponding technologies inevitably have corresponding products. Taking the example of the 4108E-S module from Ofeixin, based on the IEEE 802.11ah standard, it possesses the following notable features:


1. Smaller dimensions, measuring 13.0 x 13.0 x 2.1mm, meeting the demand for small-sized modules in terminal products, thereby reducing the volume and deployment costs of customer products.


2. Furthermore, the module supports a variety of peripheral interfaces, including SDIO 2.0 interface and SPI mode operation, while also providing general I2C interface, UART interface, GPIO interface, and other peripheral interfaces, offering users greater flexibility to easily integrate into different applications.


3. Outstanding coverage performance, operating in the Sub-1GHz frequency band with excellent penetration capability, effectively reducing signal interference and achieving extensive coverage over long distances. The module can reliably connect IoT devices within a range of one kilometer, with coverage distances surpassing traditional Wi-Fi by several times.


4. Lower power consumption, operating in the 902 – 928MHz frequency band, supporting selectable 1/2/4/8MHz channel bandwidth, accommodating data throughput from 3.333 Mbps to 32.5 Mbps. This enables devices to operate for extended periods in low power mode, significantly reducing the need for recharging or battery replacement.


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The 4108E-S, powered by the Morse Micro MM6108 chip, signifies a significant innovation achieved by Ofeixin in the field of wireless communication. The introduction of this module will provide a more robust and efficient connectivity solution for IoT applications, driving IoT into a new era characterized by scalability, security, low power consumption, and remote capabilities.