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Company News About The MESH networking function in WIFI6E
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The MESH networking function in WIFI6E

Latest company news about The MESH networking function in WIFI6E

What are WIFI 6E and MESH networking?


WIFI 6E is WIFI 6 wireless communication technology that extends to the 6GHz band. The "6" in "WIFI 6E" refers to the "6th generation" of WIFI technology, while "E" stands for the latest extension of the standard utilizing a new frequency band. WIFI 6E provides higher bandwidth, lower latency, and greater network capacity by incorporating the 6GHz band. MESH networking, on the other hand, is a network topology that connects multiple nodes (Access Points, APs) to form a mesh network, offering seamless wireless coverage.


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The working principle of MESH networking


In a WIFI 6E MESH network, multiple Access Points (APs) connect to each other through the 6GHz band, forming a dynamic mesh network. These APs not only provide conventional wireless access functionality, but also extend network coverage and enhance network stability through their interconnections. When one node needs to send data to another node, the data can be transmitted through multiple hops via multiple intermediate nodes, ultimately reaching the destination node. This approach ensures that the network can maintain connectivity through other nodes even when a node fails.


Advantages of MESH Networking


High Bandwidth: Utilizing the 6GHz band, WIFI 6E MESH networking can provide higher throughput to meet high data transmission demands.

Low Latency: Through wider spectrums and advanced modulation technologies, it reduces network latency, improving user experience.

Large Capacity: The 6GHz band offers more channels, reducing channel congestion and increasing network capacity and efficiency.

Seamless Coverage: Through the interconnection of multiple APs, WIFI 6E MESH networking achieves extensive and seamless wireless coverage, adapting to different application scenarios.


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Taking the WIFI 6E module O2066PM from QOGRISYS as an example, it adopts advanced MESH networking technology and offers the following significant advantages:

High Performance: The O2066PM module utilizes the 6GHz band to provide ultra-high bandwidth and low latency, ensuring stable network connections.

Enhanced Coverage: Through the interconnection of multiple APs, the O2066PM module is able to significantly expand the network coverage area.

Self-Healing Capability: If a certain node fails, other nodes can bypass that node, ensuring network connectivity and stability.

Easy Scalability: Users can easily add new O2066PM module nodes to flexibly expand the network scale, meeting changing demands.

Reliability: The multi-node redundant design improves the reliability of the network, allowing the entire network to operate stably even if individual nodes malfunction.


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In addition to utilizing advanced MESH networking technology, the O2066PM module also leverages the technological advantages of WIFI 6, supporting the following key features:

1024QAM Modulation: It offers higher transmission efficiency, allowing for the transfer of more data within the same spectrum bandwidth.

OFDMA: Introducing multi-user multiple-input multiple-output technology, enabling multiple users to share channel resources, improving spectrum utilization.

DBS (Dual-Band Simultaneous): Supporting dual-band DBS with a maximum rate of up to 3000Mbps, ensuring stable and high-speed connections even in high-load environments.

These technical characteristics make the O2066PM module have broad application prospects in areas such as remote diagnosis, industrial internet, tablets, set-top boxes, smart robots, and more. With its high performance and reliability, the O2066PM module can provide more powerful wireless network solutions for various application scenarios.