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Company News About The Latest WiFi Standard — WiFi 7
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The Latest WiFi Standard — WiFi 7

Latest company news about The Latest WiFi Standard — WiFi 7

In November 2022, TP-Link released the world's first WiFi7 router. Although WiFi7 is full of gimmicks, the price is relatively high, which also makes consumers wait and see. I have nothing to say about this product,but WiFi7 is still worth talking about.

WiFi 7 was established in early 2019, and the protocol group is now named IEEE 802.11 EHT (Extreme High Throughput). In January 2022, MediaTek announced the completion of the industry's first on-site demonstration of WiFi 7 technology, and then WiFi 7 technology entered a high-speed development; at the 2022MWC conference, Qualcomm released the world's first WiFi 7 solution, so what is WiFi 7? WiFi 7 (Wi-Fi 7) is the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, corresponding to IEEE 802.11's upcoming revision standard IEEE 802.11be—Extremely High Throughput (EHT).

latest company news about The Latest WiFi Standard — WiFi 7  0

From the above picture, we can intuitively see that as a new generation of WiFi standard, it has higher speed and lower delay. In fact, in addition to speed delay, WiFi 7 has more and better changes. Compared with WiFi 5 and WiFi 6/6E, WiFi 7 introduces a larger wireless bandwidth (320MHz), a more advanced modulation method (4K-QAM), a more flexible spectrum utilization method (Multi-RU), and a higher space-time New technologies such as multiplexing (16X16 MIMO), more link operations (MLO), and multi-AP cooperation enable Wi-Fi 7 to provide higher data transmission rates and lower latency.

Faster: Nearly 4 times the wireless data link performance, the transmission can reach 46Gbps theoretically.

More reliable: The new MRU (Multiple Resource Unit) reduces multi-user latency by 25%.

More stable link: The new MLO (Multi-Link Operation) reduces single-user latency by 80%, and increases throughput by as much as 300%.

New frequency band: Wi-Fi 7 introduces a new 6GHz frequency band (5.925GHz~7.125GHz), increasing the maximum bandwidth to 320MHz to meet high-throughput/low-latency requirements such as 4K video and AR/VR. The multi-link operation, multi-AP cooperative scheduling, time-sensitive network and enhanced retransmission mechanism of WiFi 7 make it more efficient and flexible

Although many new functions of WiFi7 are mentioned above, there is still some time before the landing. As the world's leading WiFi module supplier, Oflycomm is now actively introducing Qualcomm WiFi7 chip QCA2067 to make modules to accelerate the landing of WiFi7. In fact, some of the functions in WiFi 7 can actually find some features in the WiFi 6E standard released two years ago, such as supporting 6 Ghz, 4096 QAM and other functions, which can bring us higher network speeds experience.Oflycomm has massly produced the WiFi6E module O2066PM in 2022. If readers are interested in,you can also check it on the official website of Oflycomm.