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Company News About QOGRISYS:A New Direction in Wireless Communication - StarFlash
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QOGRISYS:A New Direction in Wireless Communication - StarFlash

Latest company news about QOGRISYS:A New Direction in Wireless Communication -  StarFlash

From GreenTooth to StarFlash, wireless communication achieves transcendence


Like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, StarFlash is also a short-range wireless communication technology. To understand it, one must first understand Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, two communication technologies that play important roles in our lives. Although their application scenarios are similar, the focus of the two technologies is different: Bluetooth pursues lower power consumption, while Wi-Fi pursues higher transmission rates. Over the past 20 years, both technologies have developed along their respective goals, establishing extensive ecosystems and application scenarios, and also erecting high technological barriers.


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In 2019, Huawei, in collaboration with academia and industry, jointly developed a more perfect short-range wireless communication technology and initiated the establishment of the "GreenTooth Alliance," which is the predecessor of the "StarFlash Alliance." The emergence of StarFlash marks the first time that the barriers built by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies over the past 20 years have been broken. The StarFlash wireless communication system consists of the StarFlash access layer, basic service layer, and basic application layer, with the StarFlash access layer composed of Basic Access (SLB) and Low Power Access (SLE). SLB can be understood as Wi-Fi, with faster speed, lower latency, and higher data transmission efficiency, while SLE can be understood as Bluetooth, with lower power consumption. SLB is mainly used for scenarios such as industrial machinery control, in-vehicle active noise reduction, and wireless screen casting, while SLE is used for scenarios with low power consumption requirements such as headphone audio transmission, industrial data collection, and wireless battery management. Each has its own strengths, complementing each other.


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StarFlash opens a new era of connectivity


StarFlash technology is benchmarked against Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which are also short-range wireless communication technologies. Bluetooth focuses on low power consumption, while Wi-Fi pursues high data rates. The SLB and SLE layers of the StarFlash access layer combine the characteristics of low power consumption and high data rates.


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The application prospects of StarFlash technology are very extensive, including smart homes, smart cars, smart terminals, and smart manufacturing, among others. For example, in smart homes, StarFlash technology can achieve fast and stable connections and data exchange between various smart devices. In smart cars, StarFlash technology enables high-speed, low-latency data communication between vehicles and external devices, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of autonomous driving. Currently, the "StarFlash Alliance" has expanded to hundreds of companies across various industries, including computing, automotive, home appliances, and network operators.


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QOGRISYS'S StarFlash module is already in testing and will drive further implementation of StarFlash technology.


According to the White Paper on the Industrialization Progress of StarFlash Wireless Short-range Communication Technology and industry developments, 2024 is expected to be a year of explosive growth for StarFlash devices. With promising technological prospects, several listed companies have already taken the lead in deploying StarFlash technology. QOGRISYS, as an expert in the field of wireless communication, is also keeping pace with the trend. The StarFlash module developed by Ofeixin is currently in the testing phase and will soon be announced on the official website ( For companies interested in StarFlash technology or intending to take an early lead in deployment, they can contact us to learn about the latest industry information regarding StarFlash.