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Company News About Application of 8121N-UH in Wireless HDMI Extender Products
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Application of 8121N-UH in Wireless HDMI Extender Products

Latest company news about Application of 8121N-UH in Wireless HDMI Extender Products

With the development of wireless transmission technology, high-definition wireless HDMI extender products have begun to be applied to various scenes in life. It is widely used for home high-definition video images at the same frequency, in classroom education and conference office, as a courseware display and enterprise information display, or as a camera and other devices, the HDMI high-definition picture is wirelessly transmitted to the corresponding device for recording and broadcasting.After getting rid of the connection of the wired connection, the wireless projection screen is more convenient to use.

Wireless screencast can transmit images in real time and transmit the images to the required devices in time, providing a very convenient experience for users with different needs. In the past few years, a large number of wireless HDMI extender products have emerged on the market, but in the complex environment and long distance, 2.4G is used for transmission. Because of 2.4G interference, the quality of image transmission is greatly declined. With the 802.11 5.8g gradually becoming the mainstream in recent years, the cost of the wireless module, which is the core component of the wireless projection screen product, is greatly reduced, which makes the related wireless HDMI extender products continue to be innovated, making it suitable for various subdivisions, wireless HDMI extender can be said to have a bright future.
Oflycomm specially developed the 8121N-UH module for the wireless picture transmission field, adopting Qualcomm chip, dual antenna design, adopting 802.11 5.8G frequency band to avoid signal interference of 2.4G frequency band, power up to 19dBm (54M*2), excellent in all aspects of distance and penetration, suitable for wireless HDMI extender, long-distance wireless transmission and other fields.
At present, the performance of the market is stable, and the mainstream products with excellent transmission quality and speed generally adopt the Hisilicon main chip , and use H.264 encoding to transmit high-definition audio and video below 1080P. However, the main chip using H.265 encoding is equipped with 8121N-UH module to transmit 4K audio and video. With the increase of 4K sources, 4K wireless HDMI extender products will also become mainstream.
Due to different solutions or designs, product cost and performance will be quite different. Oflycomm has been committed to providing and assisting customers to optimize product RF solutions. 
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