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Company News About 2020 New Selections Of SDIO WiFi Module
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2020 New Selections Of SDIO WiFi Module

Latest company news about 2020 New Selections Of SDIO WiFi Module

Before we talk the SDIO WiFi Module, let's take a quick look at the SDIO, which literally means the I/O interface of SD. SD itself is the standard for memory cards, but now we plug SD into some of the peripheral interfaces , and from that comes what we called the SDIO. It can also be said that SDIO is an interface developed on the basis of SD card. It is not only compatible with previous SD CARDS, but also can connect the external periphery through the I/O pin of SD and transmit data to these periphery through the I/O data bit on SD.


So SDIO WiFi Module, which is simply an embedded module based on the SDIO interface and compatible with wireless network standards. The built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11 and TCP/IP protocol stack can realize the conversion of user's main platform data from SDIO port to wireless network. Due to its fast transmission speed and good compatibility, it is widely used in all kinds of wireless smart devices. Now let's take a look at some of popular models in applications:


1.3131A-S, it is based on Hisilicon 802.11n video transmission IOT chipset Hi1131S, it supports ultra low power consumption.The data rate in WIFI 1T1R N mode is up to 150 Mbps. It had to be based on LiteOS and be worked with Hisilicon CPU, the major applications are doorbell and IP Camera. Currently, the solution of Hi3518EV20X/Hi3518EV300+Hi1131S directly accounts for more than half in low-power IPC products, and its high definition and stability have been unanimously recognized by various manufacturers all over the world.


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2.3181A-S, it based on Hisilicon Hi3881 chipset, the RF performance is basically same as Hi1131S, but it can support LiteOS or Linux, which greatly simplifies the LiteOS inexperienced engineers and reduces the debugging time and development cycle. At present, the main applications included IPC and set-top box.


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3.3161A-SL,it is based on Hisilicon Hi3861L chipset, it also inherits the RF performance of Hi1131S, but part of MCU subsystem is optional, which greatly reduces the software and hardware development and improves the convenience of debugging. The major applications will be low-power smart scenes (battery smart devices, such as locks, sensors, etc.) and video scenes (battery IPC).


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4.6222B-SRC, it is based on Realtek RTL8822CS chipset, for our previous upgrade of RTL8822BS, supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth V5.0, WiFi 2T2R AC mode data rate up to 867 Mbps, compared to the previous RTL8822BS not only performance optimization, in the same market competition, cost advantage is more obvious. It is most applied for the Set Top Box, Tablet and other video transmission of high speed smart devices.



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5.8274B-SR, it is based on Qualcomm QCA6174A-3 chipset, the performance is similar as 6222B-SRC. In previous articles we specifically mentioned the comparison between these two, they both support MU-MIMO. The big difference is that the operating temperature is more wider, which is particularly important in some industrial grade applications or complex environments.


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In addition to the above mentioned based on Hisilicon/Realtek/Qualcomm SDIO WiFi module, as well as based on MTK same ones. Whether it's 2.4 G WiFi or 2.4 G / 5.8 G dual-band WiFi, we have enough market experience and technology accumulation, to provide customers with perfect IOT solutions, more details welcome to visit our website OFLYCOMM.