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company news
Analysis and Outlook of PLC-IOT Entire Smart Home Solution
On September 3, 2021
Since the launch of the PLC power line communication chip Hi3921 at the Huawei Developer Conference in August 2019, after one and a half years of industry evolution, Huawei has gone further. On December 21, Huawei officially released its smart home strategy and entire smart home solutions to promote ...
New Generation HiSilicon WiFi Module
On May 18, 2021
In August 2019, at Huawei Developer Conference, Huawei officially released the Lingxiao Series WiFi-iot chips, which are mainly used for home automation products. This is Huawei's connectivity solution for HiLink's smart home ecological strategy. With the chip’s latest technology, HiLink's ...
2020 New Selections Of SDIO WiFi Module
On July 28, 2020
Before we talk the SDIO WiFi Module, let's take a quick look at the SDIO, which literally means the I/O interface of SD. SD itself is the standard for memory cards, but now we plug SD into some of the peripheral interfaces , and from that comes what we called the SDIO. It can also be said that SDIO ...
PLC-IOT Solution(Power Line Carrier Solution)
On July 13, 2020
On August 9, Huawei developer conference grand opening with a spectacular display of its products and applications. The display of Hisilicon Hi3921 PLC(Power Line Carrier) solution also attracted a large number of of developers to focus on.The corresponding model of module is named as 3121N-H, ...
Application of 8121N-UH in Wireless HDMI Extender Products
On April 21, 2020
With the development of wireless transmission technology, high-definition wireless HDMI extender products have begun to be applied to various scenes in life. It is widely used for home high-definition video images at the same frequency, in classroom education and conference office, as a courseware ...